For those who would be the mystical body of God on earth

Founded on the Rock of Christ Consciousness

Church Universal and Triumphant is founded on the rock of the Christ Consciousness within the heart of every man.

The ascended masters Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha founded the Church Universal and Triumphant and its sponsors.


Church Universal



Jesus said that the extension of the Church on earth is not merely an organization that exists for the sake of being an organization but rather a citadel for the guarding of the mysteries.  Gautama Buddha described the true Church as the flame in our heart—the citadel of God’s consciousness and of the true teaching of the Christ and the Buddha. This citadel, this Church, is intended to be the magnet that draws the children of God back to the ritual of service and worship, where those who wish to undergo the disciplines of the Mother can take the initiations step-by-step and rise in consciousness. Church Universal and Triumphant – Since 1975 Church Universal and Triumphant was founded in 1975 by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.


The Board of Directors of The Summit Lighthouse incorporated the church to meet the religious needs of an expanding body of spiritual seekers in their worldwide organization.
Members of The Summit Lighthouse and Church Universal and Triumphant pursue their own path of personal Christhood. In addition, they and others can take part in the sacraments and rituals which the church provides.

They can be married in our church and have their children baptized and presented in the temple. They can take part in the many services which commemorate the milestones of our lives from birth until the transition into the octaves of light at the conclusion of a life of service in the light.

 Are You Christian?


Indeed we are. We believe that each one can become the fullness of the Christ consciousness.
Our Church is based on the Judeo Christian Tradition. It also accepts the truths of the world’s major religions.
Christ, the universal Christ exemplified by Jesus the Christ, is in the center of the Chart of Your Divine Self.




Why Church “Universal” and “Triumphant”?

The name “Church Universal and Triumphant” is an ancient one. It is written in letters of living gold in the temples of the Great White Brotherhood in the etheric octave, the heaven world. This church is intended to be the fulfillment in the Seventh Age upon this planet of all the people of Light and of God. The Church is “universal” because the Teachings of the Ascended Masters are universal. They both transcend and take into account all paths to God. The Church is called “triumphant” because it is a blueprint of essential reality, a reality in the kingdom of heaven that does already exist. It is built on the rock of Christ, the path of each one’s potential to become the Christ.
Its extension in the earth is not merely that a building is consecrated or an institution or an organization exists for the sake of being an organization, but it is, in fact, a citadel for the guarding of the mysteries.

Communicant—Membership in Church Universal and Triumphant

The members of the true body of God upon earth are a part of the mystical body of God, the inner church, the Church Universal and Triumphant. It is a mystical name, an ancient name for an ancient church, the inner church of the Great White Brotherhood.

The members of our church are called communicants. To become a communicant of this church, founded by our Lord, is a great blessing for any devotee of Christ on earth. The ascended masters have explained that it is truly necessary in this age to create a church that comes from the light of God. It is necessary to bring forth those who are the white stones and the pillars of the Church that is the Holy City [Rev. 2:17]. The communicants are the pillars in the church, the white stones—the lively stones.

Your formal membership in Church Universal and Triumphant signifies that you know that you are a part of the Lord’s Mystical Body in heaven and on earth. You are expressing your desire to be are among the saints in the earth who are keeping the flame of the Sacred Heart. Through the vehicle of the church you are striving daily to become the bride of Christ, to be bonded to his heart and to the heart of your Holy Christ Self.

The commitment of Church membership is a serious step. One must be a Keeper of the Flame in good standing on the eighth Keepers of the Flame lesson or beyond before being eligible to become a Communicant. Membership in Church Universal and Triumphant is taking the next step, entering into the white-fire core beyond Keepers of the Flame Fraternity.

Becoming a Communicant—You Are the Living Church

When you become a communicant, Jesus and Gautama—the spiritual heads of Church Universal and Triumphant—will sponsor and initiate you as you pursue the path of Christhood. As you embody the qualities that the Master demonstrated and honor the Great Commandment to love God with all your heart, mind and soul, and to love your neighbor as yourself, you become a chalice of light overflowing to offer to a world in need.

“When you come to that inner gnosis and that inner understanding and you know that this is your path, this is the true religion that will bind you back to God, then you apply to become a communicant in the Church—one who with great and profound understanding receives the Body and Blood of Christ, puts on Christhood, and dares to walk with Jesus all the way to the manifestation of that Christhood on earth.”

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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