Sacraments and Rituals

Sacraments and rituals in Church Universal and Triumphant are initiations or transfers of light from the ascended masters to their disciples.  The nine sacraments in our Church correspond to the seven chakras plus some secret rays:

  • Baptism:  The first ray of the will of God.  (Blue)
  • Communion (including First Holy Communion):  The second ray of illumination.  (Yellow)
  • Confirmation:  The third ray of divine love and descent of the Holy Spirit.  (Pink)
  • Penance:  The fourth ray of purity.  (White)
  • Anointing the Sick and Last Rites:  The fifth ray of healing.  (Green)
  • Marriage:  The sixth ray of ministration and service.  (Purple flecked with gold)
  • Holy Orders: The seventh ray of transmutation.  (Violet)
  • Baptism by Fire:  This is an inner sacrament that is not performed as an outer ritual
  • Alchemical Marriage:  This is an inner sacrament that is not performed as an outer ritual

In addition to the sacraments, ministers also perform rituals that allow the ascended masters to release light to their followers for progress on the spiritual path.  Rituals include:

  • Presentations in the Temple (combined with Baptism) for infants to be presented to the Mighty I AM Presence
  • Communicant Initiations for those who desire to become members of Church Universal and Triumphant.
  • Third-Eye Blessings with Spikenard
  • Third-Eye Blessings with Emerald
  • Heart Chakra Blessings with Ruby
  • Ordinations

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