Becoming a communicant

Why Become a Member?

Fusing with the Holy Christ Self is the communicant’s highest goal. Those who achieve it can expect to receive the full initiations received by Jesus Christ. This bonding prepares the initiate for permanent union with God, the I AM Presence, in the ritual of the ascension.

When you become a communicant, Jesus and Gautama—the spiritual heads of Church Universal and Triumphant—will sponsor and initiate you as you pursue the path of Christhood. You then receive greater assistance from the ascended masters each day.

The commitment of the individual is matched by commitment from the ascended masters. As you embody the qualities that the Master demonstrated and honor the Great Commandment to love God with all your heart, mind and soul, and to love your neighbor as yourself, you become a chalice of light overflowing to offer to a world in need.

Church Universal and Triumphant Twelve Tenets of Faith

Communicants believe in and uphold the tenets of Church Universal and Triumphant. The tenets set forth the teachings of the Christ and the Buddha, of Mary the Mother of Jesus and of Joseph, our beloved Saint Germain.

These twelve tenets are listed below.

I. Foundation, Head and Communicants of Church Universal and Triumphant
II. God, Christ and the Soul
III. Ascended Masters, Hierarchy, the Great White Brotherhood
IV. Sacred Scriptures, Progressive Revelation, the Messengers
V. The Path of Becoming the Christ and the Buddha
VI. The Divine Mother and the Aquarian Age
VII. Baptism, Violet Flame, Balance of Karma
VIII. The Nine Sacraments of the Church
IX. Free Will, Antichrist, Armageddon
X. Sacrifice, Surrender, Selflessness and Service
XI. Law of the Tithe

Ministry in Church Universal and Triumphant

Our ministers (lay and ordained) and lay brethren minister to our members around the world. Lay and ordained ministers provide spiritual counseling and support. They also conduct rituals, sacraments and blessings.  

 There are eight sacraments in Church Universal and Triumphant.

These sacraments are:

  1. Baptism 
  2. Holy Communion
  3. Confirmation
  4. Penance/Penitance
  5. Marriage
  6. Anointing the Sick (including Last Rites)
  7. Ordination.
  8. The Eighth Ray 

So You Want to Join the Church Universal and Triumphant?

“Each one of us is the living Church, and as we make that commitment and that affiliation and we share in this sacrament of Communion, we are daily assimilating the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

“So I invite you, one and all, Keepers of the Flame, to start the New Year by becoming communicants of Church Universal and Triumphant and knowing yourself as the white stone and even the pillar in the temple.  This is our great strength—the Communion and the becoming of the body of God.”

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

December 29, 1991


First Step – Become a Keeper of the Flame

After studying the wisdom of the ascended masters in the Keepers of the Flame Lessons (through membership in the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity), the Pearls of Wisdom (in English and las Perlas de Sabiduría en Español) and the books of the masters’ teachings, you may feel the inner calling to make a deeper commitment to the Brotherhood.

Second Step – Becoming a Communicant

Classes on Becoming a Communicant are held at the Inner Retreat during quarterly conferences. Classes are also held from time to time at our Teaching Centers and Study Groups around the world.


Becoming a Minister in Church Universal and Triumphant

If you are interested in pursuing the goal of becoming a minister in Church Universal and Triumphant please go to the Summit University School of Theology for an understanding of the courses and the procedures.

Download the following booklets:

Mother Mary’s Rosary for the New Age Brochure

Becoming a Communicant of Church Universal and Triumphant Brochure

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